Thursday, 6 June 2019

Importance of Employees Training and Development

Dear Friends,
Lets discussed the Importance of Employees Training and Development, we have seen a big difference between the organized and unorganized sector in terms of Growth rate, vision, Mision, prosses, and attitude.
If we talk about Employees also there is a big difference between the organized and unorganized sector.
The organized sector Employees more confidence, in terms of there, work and planning, pressure handling skills, Team Work.
The main factor of this small business, we can't afford HR and all different department that's why we are looking always all-rounded.
So let's point out Key area:- 
1) Planning 
2) Execution
3) Team Lead
4) Decision Making
5) Teamwork

And the Benefits of Training : 

  1. The economy in Operations: its help to reduce the damage and operational cost.
  2. Increase Productivity: A well-trained employee usually shows greater productivity and higher quality of work-output than an untrained employee. Training increases the skills of the employees in the performance of a particular job. An increase in the skills usually helps to increase both the quantity and quality of output.
  3. Uniformity of Procedures: With the help of training, the best available methods of work can be standardized and made available to all employees. Standardization will make high levels of performance rule rather than the exception.
  4. Less Supervision: If the employees are given proper training, the responsibility of supervision is lessened. Training does not eliminate the need for supervision, but it reduces the need for detailed and constant supervision.
  5. Systematic Imparting of Skills: A systematic training program helps to reduce the learning time to reach an acceptable level of performance. The employees need not learn by trial and error or by observing others and waste time if the formal training program exists in the organization.
  6. Creation of Inventory of Skills: When totally new skills are required by an organization, it has to face great difficulties in employment. Training can be used in spotting out promising men and in removing defects in the selection process. It is better to select and train employees from within the organization rather than seek skilled employees from outside sources.
  7. Higher Morale: The morale of employees is increasing if they are given proper training. A good training program will mold employees’ attitude to achieve support for organizational activities and to obtain greater cooperation and loyalty. With the help of training, dissatisfaction, complaints, absenteeism, and turnover can be reduced among the employees.


Monday, 3 June 2019

Amazon Commission On Product Selling & Profit Calculation | Complete Detailed Information

Hey Friend,
This is really IMP time for us because of E-commerce already in peek at least now every Indian use somehow and somewhere Online services.
And we all feel about this good thing and looks very fancy when we talk about Online, E-commerce business.
But there are lots of new risks also comes with new things. like 1) fraud transaction 2) Profit Calculation, 3) Tax Calculation, 4) returns, 5) logistic management, 6) Packing

This is a very wast topic we can't cover in one Blog, so lets color one by one. Today we will discuss Product Selling & Profit Calculation,
I have added one video also Please have a look and give us feedback.

Amazon Calculation

This Video is Complete Detailed Guide About Amazon Commission On Product Selling & Profit Calculation | Complete Detailed Information For More E-commerce Related Video Stay Connected. The Biggest challenge for online is to calculate the profit and loss and this is very imp for any business, As you all know Amazon still not in profit. So let's not work for charity, we all are working hard to make some profit.

IMP Link :
Kitna milega Amazon :

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